Who are we?

At Golan, we strive for freshness. We aim to continuously shift perspective in understanding design and exploring that place called home. This curiosity is what we put into each step of our creative process of bringing you objects that challenge, as well as please, your desires and personal style. We want to spark inspiration and create happy, imaginative spaces that reflect our idea of a home where the heart is.

Our vision

Our vision stems from our attraction to furniture, culture, architecture, music, art, and aesthetics and the will to combine those interests. Thus, we embrace an explorative playfulness in delivering bold design, produced with carefully selected materials.


Creative process

Everything around us inspires us. We collect the pieces that create our imaginary in the records we listen to, the magazines we read and the films we watch: from the exceptional visual worlds of Wes Anderson to the eclecticism of David Bowie.


Why Us?

The continuous refreshment of our collections always ensures you the newest design. It is part of our creative process to be open towards all your requests regarding size, material, fabric, colour and extensions to bring the final product closer to the one that is just right for you. We are here to help, fix, serve and improve your experience of our product.


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